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About Lima, Peru

Founded in 1535, Lima is the capital and the largest city in Peru. With a beautiful and friendly climate especially during summer, Lima is one of the top priority travel destinations in the world to have a relaxing and meaningful get-away. Located at the country’s Pacific seaboard, the city is considered one of the world’s largest desert town with a lot of seafood restaurants that offers the best of Peruvian cuisine. Lima is steeped in history, with a fascinating culture and an amazing modern life. The city also has one of the most amazing Empires in South America. Presenting a unique blend of ancient Inca and Spanish cultures, the city offers a relaxed ambience overlooking the sea, due to its unique location on the mountains of Peru.

This destination has a population of about 10 million people, with a lot of fun-filled activities and magnificent attractions to offer. Its major point of entry for most international travelers is the Jorge Chavez International Airport which is well-connected and provides regular flight to major cities around the world including New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid and much more. Consider this when buying your airline tickets to Lima, Peru. The airport is equipped with a vast amount of qualified security guards, great facilities and well-lit to illuminate its environment, especially at night. In Lima, it is sometimes difficult to change currency other than the US-Dollars and Euros. One of the best places to find a reliable exchange office is at the airport, but they sometimes charge exorbitant service fees and ridiculous exchange rates. It is, therefore, important to change your money at any exchange office before leaving your destination to avoid being cheated. You can also make withdrawals from several ATMs located in strategic places, but you’ll be charged insane fees by your bank for every withdrawals you make. The best bet is to get as much money as possible when making your first withdrawal.

One of the best things of life this amazing destination offer tourists, especially fun lovers is the vibrant nightlife. Lima has a lot of bars, clubs and pubs that offers thrilling and remarkable moments. One of the places with the most buzzing nightlife to find many different bars and clubs is the streets of Barranco. Some other lovely attractions in Lima include La Iglesia de San Francisco, where you’ll find an underground catacomb showcasing about 25,000 beautifully arranged human skeletons that are centuries old; Museo Larco Herrera is a renowned museum that features priceless collections of beautiful jewelries, erotic potteries, well-preserved gold, with gorgeous gardens; and Plaza San Martin where you’ll find beautiful sights that offers a wealth of photographic opportunities. There are also over 200,000 healthy restaurants and bars that offer tasty local and international dishes as well as exotic drinks

Every district in Lima offers a special feel and an amazing experience. It is most definitely the best destination for savvy travelers, who are explorative in nature. It is also among the most popular destination among leisure and business travelers, because it has a lot to offer. Come experience ultimate and fun-filled adventure when you visit Lima.


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